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On Wednesday 3 April, Nuovo Restaurant showcased their new menu at a media event held at Hotel Verde Cape Town Airport - Africa’s Greenest Hotel. Seven courses of beautiful food were created and served by Chef Adrian Schreuder and his green team.

Care and attention was taken in fashioning the new menu from start to finish, says Chef Adrian: “Guests got to savour a seven-course tasting menu during the restaurant’s weekly Earth Hour – with a starter of gin and tonic cured trout setting the tone, followed by a fresh and colourful superfood salad, lamb with aubergine, beetroot and peas, chicken with samp and sour cream, game with juniper and cacao nib crust, rounded off with two desserts namely pear and ginger as well as a lovely milk and cinnamon sago pudding.

Gin And Trout

Local is lekker

Our aim is to source ingredients within a 160km radius of the hotel, as this is most sustainable. Chef Adrian says, “We are able to reduce our carbon footprint by cooking with what is on our doorstep and available at the time - in doing so, we are also able to support local and small businesses.” Care is also taken to procure fish only from the SASSI green list.

Behind the scenes

There is a considered focus on consumption of resources, says Chef Adrian: “For example, we use less water by using low-flow fittings, and blast chillers over ice baths to cool food.” The kitchen keeps the use of extraction fans to a minimum to lessen electricity usage, employs induction cooking methods and our sustainably conscience staff switches off gas burners when not in use.

The food and beverage department also filter, bottle and carbonate water on site, using reusable glass bottles.

Green cleaning is essential and the kitchen uses only non-toxic, eco-friendly products to sanitise and keep the kitchen clean.

Executive Chef Adrian Shreuder Hotel Verde Ct 2

Waste not want not

Food waste represents a significant cost to the restaurant sector and thought needs to be given on how to use produce effectively, and getting creative with what you might normally throw away. “We pretty much recycle everything,” says Chef Adrian. The hotel has systems in place to minimise the consumption of natural resources, avoid and lower the generation of waste, reduce, re-use, recycle and recover waste where possible, and, as a last resort, treat and safely dispose of waste. To date the hotel has achieved 97,06% of their waste-to-landfill target for 2018.

Nuovo’s aim is to create a fresh, delicious and locally sourced dishes.

Nuovo is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner:

Breakfast : 04h30 – 10h00

Lunch : 12h00 – 15h00

Dinner : 18h30 – 10h30

Book a table : 021 380 5500