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Water Saving Card In Shower

South Africa is a water-scarce country and efficient water-saving measures should be part of everyone’s daily routine. At Hotel Verde Cape Town, we’re all about making water conservation and eco-conscious living a part of our day-to-day processes, across all departments. Here are some of the ways we save water (and how you can too):

Water Saving Card In Shower

By installing a greywater system

The hotel uses an energy-efficient greywater system that helps to recycle 6000 litres of water a day. Water is a finite resource and we need to use it as sparingly as possible. You can install a greywater system in your home or simply set up buckets to catch rainwater and your washing machine run-off water.

By using energy-efficient equipment

All our hotel rooms have low-flow showerheads that reduce water consumption, thus saving our precious resource. Installing these in your own home will not only save water, but also help you to reduce your water bill. If you haven’t already, make it a habit to shower with a bucket to collect the greywater for your plants or to flush the toilet. Our guests also qualify for our Verdino rewards programme if they aim to conserve water around the hotel.

By having water-conservation discussions

Hotel Verde recently co-hosted an online #WaterwiseTourismCT chat, with Cape Town Tourism. The Twitter chat was a success, as a host of tour operators, representatives from tourism attractions and tourism-industry insiders taking part. The hashtag #WaterwiseTourismCT received more than 1 075 social mentions and had participants from South Africa, Namibia and Tanzania.

We’re all aware that something has to change in the way we think about water, its usage and our environment. Having frank discussions with family, loved ones and colleagues is an important way to spread the message.

Let’s lead by example, showing others how important these good habits are for the planet by putting them into practice. We look forward to welcoming you over the festive summer season and showing you more about our waterwise tips.