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Waste Management Crew 3

Our planet is under severe distress due to global warming caused by humanity’s pollution. The environment and our future depend on us changing the way we consume products. Hotel Verde Cape Town is committed to creating sustainable solutions to waste while setting an example for our guests and staff.

What we do about waste?

When guests arrive and check in, there are two split bins situated in their room. These bins are dedicated to non-recyclable and recyclable items. This also creates awareness about what waste can actually be recycled.

What else can guests do to help?

We’ve implemented an in-house currency called the Verdino that encourages guests to participate in eco-conscious activities and receive rewards.

The hotel is optimised for waste management, which makes it easy for guests to dispose of waste in an eco-conscious manner – there are split bins located in sets of four around the premises. Each set has a bin for paper, glass, cans and general waste.

Waste Management Crew 3

What happens to the waste?

Hotel staff are here to help and each bin is further sorted through to particular streams of waste.

There is a daily weigh-in to keep track of the amount of waste produced, and the final step is when the waste management contractor comes to collect the rubbish.

Hotel Verde Cape Town is also home to the Green Guardians, a team that motivate recycling and sustainable practices in and around the hotel.

We aim to include healthy environmental habits and activities in our day-to-day duties, and thus have a positive impact on our eco-system. Our overall goal is to reach a zero-waste-to-landfill contribution, which essentially redefines how rubbish moves into the ecosystem. Landfill sites are not a long-term solution to waste and can be harmful to the environment.

Hotel Verde currently has a 97.36% diversion rate with waste, meaning that just over 2% of our waste goes to a landfill. We’re working on finally reaching our target with the help of our staff and guests.

Split Bins

How is Hotel Verde Cape Town helping to save water?

The Western Cape is a water-scarce region and conserving resources needs to be part of our everyday lives. Hotel Verde Cape Town is committed to a grey-water recycling system as part of its original plans before opening in 2013.

Water conservation happens at all levels, ranging from installing equipment that is energy-efficient to putting up signage that indicates our current levels and how to assist in saving our resources.