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Hotel Verde Staff
Hotel Verde Staff

Some of our dedicated Hotel Verde Cape Town staff members.

Hotel Verde Cape Town is committed to the Fair Trade Tourism initiative – promoting fair and responsible tourism-industry practice across Africa.

We are passionate about building the skills set of all our staff members over different departments. We focus strongly on nurturing an eco-conscious company culture and training for new employees about our sustainability practices.

October is Fair Trade Month. The global movement aims to ensure better prices and a fair deal for producers in developing countries. Fair Trade promotes sustainable farming, unity and better working conditions across all facets of production.

The ongoing campaign also focuses on upskilling and empowering people in developing markets across various industries.

As a way of cementing this ethos throughout the Hotel Verde team, our Avanti (“moving forward” in Italian) initiative was conceptualised in 2014 to empower and upskill employees on all levels. Hotel Verde is all about sustainability and part of this is making sure that staff understand and embrace eco-friendly values.

Part of Avanti is the inhouse Vertality wellness programme that promotes healthy, environmentally friendly habits in the Hotel Verde workplace.

Vertality implements monthly campaigns for staff to promote overall health and reward them for their participation. The programmes cover social, emotional, physical and mental wellness.

Hotel Verde also offers a growth programme, allowing staff in different departments to apply to spend time in other operations to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in order to further their careers.

How does this tie in with Fair Trade Tourism?

To achieve Fair Trade recogntion, Hotel Verde Cape Town had to prove that it offers the following: fair wages and working conditions, fair purchasing and operations, equitable distribution of benefits and respect for human rights, culture and the environment.

Hotel Verde is also recognised for its big contribution to best-practice, responsible tourism. This attracts more sustainability-conscious travellers, markets the hotel as a sustainable operator, and allows access to Fair Trade Tourism platforms.

We’re proud of our ongoing initiatives and are constantly aiming to improve our Fair Trade practices.