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Usually held once a year on a global scale, Earth Hour is celebrated at Hotel Verde every week – candles and delicious eats included.

Earth Hour is an annual event held across the world during the last Saturday of March, encouraging millions of people to switch off their lights and electrical devices for an hour. Earth Hour was first organised in 2008 by the World Wildlife Fund as a means to tackle climate change in an effort to change the way the world thinks about electricity. Earth Hour 2017 saw an unprecedented 187 countries and territories participating and more than 3 000 landmarks being switched off.

At Hotel Verde, we don’t want to wait a year before we can participate in Earth Hour – every Wednesday from 7pm, all non-essential lights and appliances are switched off for a few hours.

Don’t worry, when the lights go off, you won’t be sitting cold in the dark. Each week we have a special treat to keep guests entertained, with either a soulful jazz band or a fun photobooth. Sit back, relax and enjoy the romantic candlelit atmosphere and the delicious meals coming from chef Adrian Schreuder’s kitchen.

Each Wednesday chef Adrian unveils a sustainable dish put together with locally sourced ingredients. Each dish is available throughout the week until the next Earth Hour event. You can even have a look at where each of the ingredients was sourced on the chalkboard menu.

Each sustainable dish is unique and will only be available for one week. Add the candlelight and live music from our Earth Hour celebrations, and you have a perfect date-night event!

If the sustainable dish doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, you’re welcome to have a look at our à la carte menu. All ingredients are locally produced, responsibly sourced and seasonal. We also offer an elaborate drinks menu packed full with unique cocktails and wines, as well as craft beers from local brewers to encourage small businesses.

Whether you are staying over or you are looking for a midweek treat, Hotel Verde’s weekly Earth Hour gatherings are a special candlelit experience, perfect for any occasion.

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How to book for Earth Hour at Hotel Verde Cape Town

If you’re a guest staying at the hotel, simply make a reservation for the Nuovo Restaurant and Bar from the reception desk. If you’re a walk-in, be sure to call in advance to book. You can also buy cash vouchers and gift a friend or loved one an Earth Hour experience.