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We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” – Native American proverb

In a world facing climate change and other environmental challenges as a result of human action, it is important for luxury hotels to initiate and implement a vision that ensures the provision of top-class accommodation and service while also minimising the impact the construction and operation they have on the environment. Welcome to the greenest hotel in Zanzibar!

As the island’s greenest hotel, we believe it is important to educate people that going green is absolutely possible and that it can be done on a limited budget, without compromising on luxury.

Tourism is one of the biggest contributors to the economy and we need to sustain it to ensure this continues to be the case.

Eco-friendly tourism makes absolute sense – not only from an economic point of view in terms of promoting employment in our local communities and supporting the people around us, but also to sustain Zanzibar and the rest of Africa.

What makes us green?

Hotel Verde Zanzibar’s achievements in terms of sustainability are the result of a holistic design process with sustainability at its core. Not only is the building sustainable, but green principles, processes and measures ensure all operations are eco-friendly and continually assessed for improvement.

Hotel Zanzibar Blog Image

Environmentally friendly initiatives

We have left no stone unturned where luxury is concerned and “green factors” featured prominently in the development of this project. We considered numerous elements – from regenerative drive elevators, to responsibly sourced furniture and products and many more.

A grey- and blackwater plant has been implemented for water treatment. By recycling the greywater from the showers for use in the toilet cisterns and filtering and recycling the blackwater for irrigating the landscaped grounds, the hotel will save thousands of litres of this precious resource.

LED low-watt lighting and a sophisticated heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system to reduce energy consumption are some of the elements implemented to achieve acknowledgement from the Green Building Council of South Africa for our sustainable practices.

“Green” did not stop at development and is evident in the hotel's daily management, with strict measures and principles to ensure the property lives up to its name.

Green certifications

Hotel Verde Zanzibar is targeting five-star Green Star SA As Built certification through the GBCSA. Stay tuned for more details on our green journey.